Haiti Piano Project

Haiti Piano Project – the first classical music festival in Haiti and giving a concert piano to Haiti. Your generosity will make the difference!


In November 2017, the first classical music festival in Haiti will bring together renowned Haitian and foreign artists. We will share the detailed program soon, but we can announce that the concerts in Port-au-Prince and Jacmel will be organized around 2 strong ideas: music close to the Haitian people and accessible to all through concerts in public and a making a program that will bring together in a concert classical musicians, jazzmen and even Haitian music!


The next step of this project that is dear to me and of which I am the artistic director is the purchase and delivery in Haiti of the concert piano that will be center to this project!


The not for profit association “Raconte-moi un piano”, that supports the project, calls for donations so that everyone’s generosity can enable the dream to become a reality!
$30,000 is required for this operation.

For more information about Haiti Piano Project, please visit the projects page or visit the Haiti Piano Project website.

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